#FREEGALLERY (2015) is a photography exhibition project by Kibwe Brathwaite that makes art accessible to anyone. It’s an experiment to subvert the traditional means of hosting an art exhibition through a conventional gallery.
It’s also questions the ways in which we interpret and interact with public spaces in relation to art, specifically in Trinidad and Tobago.

The original idea involved posting a series of conceptual framed photographs at various conspicuous public locations about the city of Port of Spain with a small printed prompt to “dismount and take it home, it’s yours… seriously”.

Pedestrians displayed mixed reactions to the artwork; many stopped, inspected, and kept it moving until braver individuals helped themselves to remove the pieces from off the walls and into their possessions.  

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 1.23.27 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 1.23.59 AM.jpg

The photographs show  objects that are familiar to the Trinbagonian culture. The relatively mundane-everyday-objects, ranging from fruits to laundry pins, are  photographed , suspended  in front of  flat colored surfaces.  

They are printed at 6x6 inch dimensions, and placed in white 2 inch matte, held in a wooden, white 2 inch frame.

Reissues of selected prints are available for purchase by request.